We will be closed from December 22nd until January 2nd. If you need assistance please email joey.wenck@yahoo.com

Welcome to Volunteer Pools 
Service LLC
 Your vacation at home begins with us! Been thinking about getting a  swimming pool for your family and friends to enjoy, when going out  of town is not in the options. Look no further, we offer a variety of swimming pools to work around your budget.
We have been in the swimming pool industry since 2000 building quality swimming pools all over middle Tennessee. We have a very knowledgeable sales staff and construction crew to ensure that you get the best experiance and a life time of enjoyment from the swimming pool that you purchase.
We currently have two locations to best serve you in the area you live!
Volunteer Pools
704 Henslee Dr
Dickson, TN  37055
Phone: 615-326-0888
E-mail: poolmantrotter@hotmail.com
    Winter Hours
Sunday- Closed
Monday - Closed
Tuesday- 9:30-5:30
Wednesday- Closed
Thursday- 9:30-5:30
Friday- Closed
Saturday- 9:30-2:00
Volunteer Pools
2309 Smithville hwy
McMinnville, TN  37110
Phone: 931-815-7665
E-mail: volpools@blomand.net
Monday - Friday
9am -5 pm
9am - 1pm

Financing is available

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